Spin Gifts from Friends in Pet Master (Free 50 Spins)

The Pet Master game has a feature – spin gifts from friends. By using this feature users can get free 50 spins. This post explained this spring gifts feature.

How Spin Gifts process work in Pet Master game?

In Pet Master spin gifts, you can send one spin to your each friend in game (everyday). And, your friends can also do the same.

Here, spins that you send to friends are not taken from your spin balance. These spins are given free by Pet Master game.

From the Pet Master spin gifts feature, you can collect up to 50 spins per day from friends.

Note: You can collect spin gifts only when your total spin balance is less than 50 in game.

How to Send and Collect spins in Pet Master spin Gifts?

Spin Gifts feature opens in the Pet Master game from the main menu’s “GIFTS” option.

Here, from “GIFTS > MY GIFTS” tab users can send and collect daily spin gifts in Pet Master.

Pet Master Spin Gifts from Friends
Pet Master Spin Gifts from Friends

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