How to Protect Village From Attack in Pet Master Game?

There are four different ways to protect a village from other users’ attacks in the Pet Master game. You will get all these village protection ways in this post.

Following are ways to protect Pet Master village from attack.

1. Earn shields in game to protect village

Shields used to defend a village from other users’ attacks. When your friends or other users attack on your village the shield will block that attack.

Users can earn these shields in game by playing and spinning the game spin machine.

Pet Master Shields
Pet Master Shields

2. Build village with enough coins

In the Pet Master game, un-complete villages have more chances to attack. It means, if you take hours or days to complete a village, then the village attack catches increase.

Here, best practice is to collect enough coins before starting to build a village. And, complete your village as soon as possible, if possible.

3. Play game in ghost mode (Without Facebook connect)

Playing a game in ghost mode means, play Pet Master game as guest (without Facebook connect).

In guest mode, you can reduce village attack probability from FB friends.

You can try this option in initial villages when you do not have enough coins and spins in game.

4. Request friends to not attack on your village

In the Pet Master game the main attraction is to attack on friends’ villages. And, there are always a few friends in the game, who always target your village.

Here, you can request those friends to not attack your village (at least for particular villages).

Above are simple free ways that you can apply in the Pet Master game to block or protect your game village.

In future, we will update more ways, if available in game.

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