Pirate Kings Game Features Overview (Game Terminology)

The Pirate Kings game is updated and launched amazing new features. In this post you will get a game features overview.

By reading this post, you will get a complete idea about the game and can play a Pirate Kings game like a pro level player.

Here, features overview means: spins, shields, cash coin, crab, pirate quests, island and more other features explanation.

In simple words, you will understand game terminology and process to play Pirate Kings game.

Game spin slot machine

Pirate Kings game spin slot machine

Pirate Kings game spin machine is like a slot machine. To spin this machine, you need a number of spins in your game account.

This spin machine is the main part of the game. By spinning this machine you can win spins, coins, shields and other rewards in game.

Main exciting part of the game is Attack and Raid, and you will get a chance to play these attacks or raids in the game by spinning this slot machine.


Spins in Pirate Kings game used to spin the game’s slot machine. This spin is the base requirement to play a game.

Pirate Kings spins

Because, without spins you can not spin the game’s slot machine. So, spins are very important in this game.

In the Pirate Kings game, you can get spins from different ways to continue your game.

When you spin the game’s slot machine, then one or more spins will be reduced from your game account spins. And, when you get/win spins in a game, that will be added in your spins count.


Pirate Kings shields

Shields in Pirate Kings game are used to protect island items from other players’ attacks.

You can get or win these shields from the spin machine, game gifts, pirate quests.

In game maximum 3 shields can be saved in stock. And, if you win or get more than 3 shields, then extra shields will be turned into free spins.

Cash coins

Pirate Kings coins

Cash coins in the Pirate Kings game used to buy island items to complete island level.

These coins in the game can be collected in different ways. For example, from daily gifts, game slot machine, raids, attacks and other exciting ways.

In game coins will be reduced in two situations. First when you buy any item for the island, and second when other players attack or raid on your island.

Spin button

Pirate Kings spin button

The spin button in Pirate Kings used to spin the game’s slot machine. After every press of the spin button, player spins count is reduced from the game account.

By default this spin button is set to “ALL WINS X1”. It means, 1 spin will reduce when you press button and your all wins will multiply X1 times.

You can change this spin button multiplier by pressing [-] or [+] buttons.


Pirate Kings crab

Crab is your friend in the Pirate Kings game. You can collect daily free spins & cash by tapping on crab.

For each new island you conquer, The crab will grant you even more free stuff. It means, you will get more free spins & cash with the new game level.

New stash from crab available after a specific interval. When you get free spins & cash from crab, you will see a waiting timer for the next free stuff.

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