Pet Master Board Events

Pet Master’s dice board game has three events – Golden Airdrops, Royal Airdrops and Special Airdrops. In this post, you will get info about all the game’s board events.

Golden Airdrops

Golden airdrops fall on board tile from the sky. To get Golden Airdrops in the Pet Master board game, users need to roll dice.

In Golden Airdrops event, users get rewards on tile and by tapping these rewards users can see what they contain.

These event rewards come with limited time (with timer) and may disappear after time limit.

Royal Airdrops

Royal Airdrops is a Royal addition of Golden Airdrops event. In this event royal chests drop on board tile.

In Royal Airdrops rewards, users can win different rewards including the chance of a Royal card.

Special Airdrops

In the Pet Master board game, the special airdrops event is available with many variations. This event also gives a mixed experience of Golden and Royal airdrops.

Users can find special themed boxes on the board in special airdrops. These special themed boxes contain treasures.

Pet Master Board Events - Airdrops
Pet Master Board Events – Airdrops

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