How to Invite and Add Friends in Pet Master Game?

To play the Pet Master game with your friends, you can invite friends to the game. This post has how to guide for invite and add friends in the Pet Master game.

How to invite friends from the Pet Master game?

Pet Master game gives two options to invite friends in game. These both invite friends options available in “INVITE FRIENDS” popup.

Invite friends option opens from “Main menu / INVITE FRIENDS”.

1. Pet Master invite friends link

Invite friends link can be copy or direct shared via chat apps from “INVITE FRIENDS” popup.

Users can copy or share invitation link by tapping the green “INVITE +” button in the “INVITE FRIENDS” popup.

2. Send Pet Master invitation on Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is the second option to send a Pet Master invitation link. In this option users can directly send invitations from messenger friends list.

Users can open messenger to send invitation by tapping the blue “INVITE” button in “INVITE FRIENDS” popup.

How to Invite Friends in Pet Master
How to Invite Friends in Pet Master

Things to know about Free spins gifts by invite friends link

Following are things which help to understand when and how you get free spins by Pet Master invite friends option.

  • Your friends need to visit your invitation link.
  • You will get a reward after your friend connects through Facebook.
  • Currently on the successful friend invite process, you will get 90 free spins.
  • Maximum successful invite limit for free reward is 250 (*based on analysis).

Friends not showing in Pet Master game friend list, How to add them?

In Pet Master game your Facebook friends automatically start showing in “GIFTS” friends list, if they are playing Pet Master using Facebook login.

But, if they are not showing in the list, then you can send them a game invitation link using Facebook messenger or Invite link option.

In some cases, FB friends not showing in game friends list, even if they are already playing Pet Master game with Facebook login.

Here, you can send an invitation link to friends and tell them to visit that link. By this technique, in most cases that friends start showing in game friends list in 1-2 days.

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