How to Get Pirate Kings Free Spins and Bombs Gifts? (Complete Guide)

You can collect and claim free spins in Pirate Kings game from the game app and game’s social media pages. Here, in this post we covered all different ways which gives you Pirate Kings free spins.

In game most free spins you will get by playing a game. But, the game also daily shares free spins & bombs links on the game’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. So, you get more spins for the game.

Let’s check out different ways,

Following are different ways to get free spins and bombs for the Pirate Kings game. Given list will help you to collect all free gifts for the game.

1. Pirate Kings free spins and bombs links

Pirate Kings share free spins and bombs links on the game’s social pages. This page collects all these links and is listed here. So, you can get free spins from following Pirate Kings free gifts links.

You will get daily 1 or 2 free spins and bombs links. These gift links give you different gifts in the Pirate Kings game. For example, 25 spins and 10 bombs, 50 spins, 25 spins and other gifts.

How to claim free Pirate Kings spins and bombs gifts from links?

Following are steps to claim spins and bombs gifts from daily Pirate Kings gifts link.

  • Close Pirate Kings game app, if it is open.
  • Click the gift link (It will open the game app).
  • Now, the game opens CLAIM GIFTS popup (open manually if not open automatically).
  • Here, you can claim spins and bombs gifts.

Note: Link will work one time only, you will not get gifts multiple times from the same link. If you use the link second or more time, then gifts will not show in the CLAIM GIFTS section.

2. Follow game’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page

This is a simple way where you can get daily spins links from Pirate Kings Facebook, Twitter or Instagram social page. Most of the time this game shares the same links on all these platforms.

Game’s Facebook page is more active and has new spins link posts daily. So, if you want to follow this game’s social page, then make Facebook your first priority.

Here, you can get free spins with or without following this game’s pages. If you follow these pages, then you will get notified for new posts on the page. So, you will not miss daily gifts links.

Now, if you do not want to check these pages now and then for gift link posts, then you can check the suggested first way on this page. As, here you will get all links at the same place.


Pirate Kings game gives pirate quests to complete. When players play a game and complete these quests, players will get spins and other rewards.

To check this pirate quests, tap on the doc icon which has three lines with the correct check marks. This doc icon is available in the top left corner of the game screen.

These pirate quests offer different targets to complete. For example, Attack 2 Maties, Find CASHKING 8 times, Play the daily prize machine 5 times and many more.

You can complete these pirate quests to get free spins. Here, you can also skip these quests. When you skip a quest, the game will give you another quest. So, you can complete the quest based on your situation.

4. Daily Gift (Enjoy your free treat)

Daily Gift in Pirate Kings inspire players to play the game daily and get free gifts. Free gifts include spins, shield and other rewards. It means, by playing the game daily, you will get a chance to get free spins.

Game shows a popup of Daily Gift with a claim button. You can get a gift by tapping the claim button.

Pirate Kings daily gift
Pirate Kings daily gift

Note: Daily gift may not be offered if you do not open the game daily. But, it will start receiving, once you start playing the game daily.

5. Daily Bonus using free slot machine coin

Note: This option no more available in game’s new update.

In the Pirate Kings game, you will get a bonus by spinning a slot machine. You need to insert a coin in the machine to spin, and this coin is available daily in game. So, you can spin a machine daily by free coin and win a bonus.

This daily bonus includes coins, spins and other rewards in game.

6. Win spins and other prizes by completing bar points

The Pirate Kings game gives a task to complete bar points by collection items. These items are based on challenge, For example in “Banana Bar”, players need to collect bananas.

These bar points and a progress bar are displayed on the slot machine’s top area.

To collect bar points players need to spin a slot machine. In every machine spin, players get items to complete bar based on spin result.

Once a player completes bar point by collection items, they will get prizes. And, in prizes they get spins, coins, bombs and other items in game.

7. Get free spins and cash from crab

Pirate Kings gives free spins and cash to play the game using the crab option. Game players can tap on crab and get spins and cash in game.

These free things from crab can be collected with specific intervals. When a player collects free gifts from a crab, one timer will be shown near the crab. This timer shows remaining time to collect next gifts from crab.