How to Build and Complete a Village in Pet Master Game?

Game users can build and complete villages by buying village items from Pet Shop, using game coins. In this post, you will get info about options and processes to build a village.

For example, how to open a current village to build, how to build a village, how to fix village items and more.

How to open a village screen in Pet Master game?

In the Pet Master game,  “Home” icon is available in the bottom tab bar to open the village screen. By tapping this “Home” icon, the user can open the village screen.

Open Village in Pet Master
Open Village in Pet Master

How to build or fix village items in Pet Master game?

In the game village, users can build a village by tapping a green arrow icon and users can fix villages by tapping an orange arrow icon.

Arrow buttons are quick options, users can do the same thing from Pet Shop popup.

Pet shop shows required coins to buy or fix village item with related option button. This Pet Shop popup opens by tapping the hammer icon button in the village.

Village Pet Shop in Pet Master
Village Pet Shop in Pet Master

Note: If you do not have enough coins in the game to buy or fix item, then you can not build or fix village in Pet Master.

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