Dice and Board Game in Pet Master (Complete Guide)

Board game is part of the Pet Master game to win spins and coins in game. And, Dice are used to play the board game.

In Which village level the Dice board game will be unlocked?

Dice feature will be unlocked in the Pet Master game at village level 4 (Mountain Goat Climbers).

How to open a Dice board game in Pet Master?

In Pet Master, users can open a Dice board game by tapping the “Dice image” button. This “Dice image” button is available near the big red spin button.

How to win spins and coins in the Pet Master dice board game?

Game user can roll the dice, and with each roll Raccoon will move forward on tiles according to dice number. After complete moves, if Raccoon lands on tile where spins or coins are available, then the user will get that reward. And, with each dice roll, board game rewards will upgrade.

How to get Dice in Pet Master game?

Pet Master game users will get 6 free dice to roll in a day. These free dice generated within an interval of 4 hours (1 free dice after every 4 hour). Apart from this, free dice can be won from different events and can be received from different promotions.

How to check Pet Master board game rewards detail?

By tapping a lucky reward tile, users can check reward details (number of spins or coins amount) which are available on board game tiles.

Dice and Board Game in Pet Master

What is an Upgrade Bar in Pet Master board game?

Upgrade Bar in the Pet Master board game shows the status of the next coming tiles upgrade.

This bar is shown in the bottom right corner of the board game.

Every time when a user rolls dice, this upgrade bar will update with dice points. Users will get a chance to upgrade tiles when this bar is full.

In Upgrade, users can upgrade current tile reward or add reward on normal tile.

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Pet Master dice board game Map

Dice board game Map in Pet Master shows all board game levels. It also shows current board status to complete.

Board levels in Map have a list of all boards. Every board in the list shows it’s name and detail when it will be unlocked.

Users can option board game Map by tapping the green map icon, which is available at bottom left corner in board game.

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