Coin Master game terminology in simple words

Coin Master game terminology in simple words: Short meaning of coin master terms like spin, coin, raid, village, shield, event etc., Game terminology meaning helps to play game.

Game terms meaning described as overview. It will definitely helps to complete village levels in game.


Coin Master game playing process: Spin coin master game slot machine and perform action based on spin result. In game the number of chance game user have to spin slot machine is Spins.


Coin Master game level complete by village completion. Village complete by things develop in village. To develop things, game user have to buy things using coins in game. coins are virtual terms and used for game level only.


Raids are one of the action items on the Coin Master game. When user spin a raid, the game will transport user to another players Village and give user 3 shovels and 4 spots marked by an “X” where you can dig. By digging “X” marked location user can win coins or chests.


Village is like game level. Each Village completed will earn players rewards. The further your progression in the game, the greater the reward you will receive.


Shields are the game action items used to protect users Villages from attacks. Shields can be earned by spinning the slots.

Each player can have a maximum of (3)three shields in their collection at a time and any extras that are won while spinning are returned as spins.


Event gives new challenge and amazing rewards gifts on event completion in Coin Master Game. Daily cool and surprising events comes in game, user have to complete event for grab rewards in game.

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