Coin Master camp event rewards list

Coin Master camp event rewards list: All camp event spin and coin rewards on complete camp event. No of spins and coins gift on camp. e.g., 15 camp = 75 spins to 9000 camp = 15K spins.

In camp game user complete some action like attack, stop attack, raid etc., and earn camps. Each camp move user closer and closer to amazing rewards. Each stage of the camp event has increasingly higher goals and greater rewards.

List of camp event rewards

No of campsCamp rewards
15 camp75 spins
30 camp5M coins
35 camp10M coins
90 camp375 spins
50 camp30M coins
75 camp40M coins
210 camp900 spins
180 camp100M coins
250 camp300M coins
420 camp1500 spins
300 camp400M coins
1200 camp3000 spins
800 camp1.5B coins
1800 camp5250 spins
1600 camp2B coins
3000 camp7500 spins
4800 camp5.5B coins
9000 camp15K spins

NOTE:No of coins is depend on Coin Master user game level. suppose you are in level “A” and your friend is on level “B”, then your friend and you will get different rewards on each camp completion.

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