How to Change Language in Pet Master Game?

Pet Master game supports different languages for application interaction. In this post, you will get helpful information about using this language feature in the Pet Master app.

How to change language in Pet Master game?

Language change option available in Pet Master Settings. To change language, tap on the main menu (three line) icon button. This button is available on the top right corner.

In the main menu option, you will get the “Settings” option – tap on that option. Here in Settings, you can change the game language from the “Language” option.

In the game language change process when you tap the “SELECT” button, the game will ask for language change confirmation and restart the game app on your confirmation.

Following are steps to change language in Pet Master.

  1. Open the game main menu by tapping the three line icon button.
  2. From the menu, open “Settings” and tap the Language green button.
  3. Choose your language and confirm your choice.
Pet Master Game Settings Screen
Pet Master Game Settings Screen
Pet Master App Language Selection Screen
Pet Master App Language Selection Screen

How many language options are available in the Pet Master game?

Pet Master game app supports 5 language options. Following is a list of all supported languages.

  • English
  • Français
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Português

How to set the Pet Master language back to English?

In the Pet Master game language option, if you set unknown language by mistake and want to set default English language back, then follow given process.

Here, you can open language settings based on icons. First, open the main menu from the top right corner button.

Next, Tap on the setting option which has a “setting gear icon” (last option in menu). Now, tap the green button option in settings and change language back to English.

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